Miami, 15-18 October 2018

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Pre-Conference Workshop Day: October 15 |Post-Conference Workshop Day: October 18

2017 Event Program

  • 2017 Event Programme

    To succeed in the key pillars that drive a customer-centric strategy:

    • Know your customers better
    • Become truly responsive
    • Be where your clients are

    To ensure a better customer experience, it is imperative to personalize your offer in order to respond to the needs and expectations of an empowered clientele. Big Data, Analytics and IoT have made easier than ever to track customer preferences and history.

    Customer experience is getting better; the best companies are raising the bar and creating new, higher expectations. There is a new benchmark in customer expectations. Don’t be left behind. You can become more effective and efficient when responding to your clients throughout the product lifecycle and increase your retention rate.The business model is changing for all industries and now clients establish how and when they want to interact with companies. Mobile devices, self-service and omni-channel support enable companies to provide customers with the support they need on their platform of choice, saving them time and effort, while providing a great service.